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CSM Machinery, founded as CSM Engineering, has been an innovative machinery manufacturer for the production of stainless steel tubes and heating elements for nearly 40 years.

The company’s long-term success can be traced to its founder Giorgio Trolese, who was dedicated to advancing the tube machinery manufacturing industry and continuing to develop pioneering products for his clientele.

A new generation is now in charge of the business. Their aim is to expand into the global marketplace for tubes and heating element machinery while maintaining an eye toward preserving the company’s historic legacy.

For the first time, CSM Machinery now has sister companies beyond Italy, with locations in Brazil (CSM TUBE do Brazil) and the United States (CSM TUBE USA in Illinois). In each of our global factories for tube machinery production, the same rigorous standards for high-quality remain as they always have been for the previous four decades.
Throughout our expansion process, our founding philosophy has strongly guided us into the future of the industry.

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