Electrical Spot Annealing

Electrical annealing machine is a device to heat-treat a section of a heating element between two electrodes. The elements to be annealed are manually loaded on the machine. The heat treatment is made with a low voltage current flow from a single-phase transformer to a couple of electrodes.

The two main advantages of the electrical spot annealing machine are:
• The temperature sensor system that measures the actual temperature of the elements as they are being annealed and then turns off the transformer when the appropriate temperature is reached.
• A combined diameter change and length change can be completed in less than 5 minutes. To reduce the changeover time for different element diameters, four-sided blocks are used as the clamping electrode. The machine can accommodate different element lengths by manually moving the element.

The spot annealing machines do not remove residual moisture from the elements and therefore the elements need to undergo a de-hydration or moisture removal cycle.

Electrical annealing machines from CSM represent an optimal low cost solution for small-scale production.

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