The induction annealing machine is designed to anneal austenitic stainless steels and copper by induction, with manual or automatic feeding.

The machine is provided with a cooling chamber which can filled with inert gas for blanketing when bright annealing is requested.

The induction bright annealer allows either to work in two ways:

  • Induction spot annealing: this is similar to an electrical spot annealer but the process is faster. The machine can be freely programmed to perform a number of spots
  • Full annealing: in this case the induction annealing system anneals the whole length of the element, excluding the cold areas

The main advantages of the induction annealing for heating elements include cost saving as the machine is only turned on when it is used and possibility to anneal the whole element at high speed.

CSM solutions for induction spot annealing are defined by precision in high-temperature heat treatment ensuring high bending efficiency in low-scale production.

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