The numerically controlled universal bending machine, electronically programmable, with one or two bending units it is capable of bending heating elements on one plane or on several planes in automatic cycle in a great variety of shapes, sizes and bending angles.

With CSM bending machine is possible to:

  • Bend heating elements with different lengths with the possibility to program the tolerances of each and every heating element branch (with measure - bending of one heating element at a time)
  • Bend heating elements with length difference of ±1 mm, bending of up to four heating elements at a time depending on the tube diameter (without measure)
  • Obtain different bending radii with the curve generation program
  • Storage of spring back and bending elongation factors according to diameter, material type and bending radii etc.
  • Program and carry out, through secondary bending, also those bends that cannot be carried out in automatic cycle
  • Store up to 10,000 programs with the simple and quick machine programming
  • 3D display of the various bending phases, up to the display of the fully bent resistance as a check of feasibility and correct programming

When low and medium-scale production batches need to be processed, it is essential to have the possibility to change quickly and easily the set-up for different heating element diameters and shapes, with the possibility of storing the bending programs.

This bending machine has been designed and manufactured to allow bending even of only one heating element with correct dimensions, tolerances and bending angles, thus making bending tests unnecessary.

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