Coil Washing

Strong ecological responsibility and full compliance with constantly growing eco-sustainable standards define CSM Machinery among the variety of coil cleaning machine suppliers. Modern restrictions about pollution define categories of solvents and issues of spent material disposal have urged heating element manufacturers to find an alternative to the chlorinated solvents used for degreasing in industrial coil cleaner.

CSM biodegradable coil cleaner is water-based providing effective, soluble and eco-sustainable solution in complete correspondence with modern ecological standards. The main problem with the winding process was the use of mineral oils to help wrapping the wire around the mandrel. This was solved by using a coil cleaning machine with a special lubricant where the main components are soap and a very small amount of a vegetal oil. This lubricant used in CSM coil cleaner is water soluble and biodegradable. Discover all benefits of our biodegradable coil cleaner in the PDF document downloadable below.

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