Feeding and unloading device

The rolling mill can be equipped with the automatic feeder, the unloading device and the motorized straightening group to increase the automation level and the efficiency of the line.

  • Automatic feeder: electropneumatic machine designed and realized to guarantee the constant feeding and the insertion of heating elements in the reduction mill. With this device the rolling mill is able to work autonomously at maximum of its productivity.
    Moreover, a specific tool guarantees the dielectric strength test of heating elements before diameter reduction, automatically eliminating pieces that do not pass the test.
    Thanks to this test, it is possible to immediately verify the quality of the filled heating element and eventually recover the tube, the MgO and the coil of the rejected heating element.
  • Unloading device: to collect heating elements exiting the rolling mill and to unload them onto a container, which should be placed next to the machine. In addition to the collecting function, it is possible to combine further functions such as the measurement/selection according to the length and the plug pulling.
  • Motorized straightening group of heating elements in line with the rolling mill: to improve the straightness of heating elements at the exit of the reduction mill. This group can be installed on any rolling mill, and it is composed of 3+3 pairs of shaped rolls, placed on two working planes.

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