Marking Device

The CSM MACHINERY axial marking is a device that can be installed in line with the rolling mill to mark heating elements along themselves (in parallel to the length axis).
Steel tube marking device can be installed in line with the roll reducing mill to imprint heating element tubes with relevant data, such as voltage [V-marked] and wattage [W-marked].

The heating element, exiting the rolling mill, meets a pair of non-motorized rolls.

The first roll contains pre-positioned characters while the second one serves as contrast to give the right pression on the heating element e so on the characters to allow a right score.
The character-holding roll is removable ensuring easy assembly.
Both rolls are adjustable in position, with micrometrical regulation, according to the diameter of the tube.

Two are the main advantages:

  • marking operation compatible with the reduction mill.
  • flexible device for different tube diameters.

The marking attachments for heating elements are available to mark either in a fixed position or with the possibility to program the position along the element length.

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