Roll reduction Mill

Rolling mill with auto feed and marking device

Roll reducing mill with speed control of each pair of rolls

Removal of plastic plug after reducing

Designed to reduce the heating element diameter and compress magnesium oxide inside the tube, the roll reducer by CSM Machinery is equipped with high-quality rolls of same diameter and rotation speed in either tool steel or tungsten carbide.

Each pair of rolls is driven by a gearmotor and the rolls all have the same diameter and rotation speed.

Optionally, a number of frequency inverters allows the programming of the rotation speed for each pair of rolls, depending on the elongation of the element.

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The main advantages of the roll reducing mill are: 

  • Quick change between tube sizes thanks to the exchangeable bearing box

CSM reducing rolling mills contain a number of individually driven pairs of rolls, mounted in a V-shaped bearing box assembly. Each pair of rolls is connected through two universal joints to a gearbox and a constant torque asynchronous motor.
The single unit bearing box assembly can easily be removed from the driving system by releasing the universal joints and four screws.
With a second bearing box assembly, change from one tube diameter to another is much simplified. Changeover time is approximately 15 minutes as opposed to six hours or more for changing a complete set of rolls.

  • Long life rolls

Roll pass design is principally “oval to oval” with the same degree of reduction in each pair of rolls, and circular grooves in the last two pairs give the tubes a round shape after reduction.
Rolls are manufactured of hardened alloyed steel or of steel with sintered carbide rings. Sintered carbide rolls offer up to 4 times longer service than steel rolls. Consequently, it is advisable to order sintered carbide rolls for frequently occurring tube sizes.

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  • Sturdy mechanical structure

No pounding or vibration, causing off-centre coils
Smooth, continuous, one-step reduction
Reliable design: straight in-line connection (universal joints) between the gearboxes – rolls
Roll locking system which ensures that the rolls do not become loose while rolling

  • Silent operation

Low noise-level of the machine

  • Quality

Straighter elements
Accurate and consistent diameters

  • Many options available

Auxiliary equipment available
Automation in line possible

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The above mentioned technical characteristics and features make CSM reducing mill the ideal choice for the reduction of heating elements.

We also recondition heads for rolling mills produced by CSM Machinery as well as in by other manufactures.

Discover all features downloading PDF document with complete set of technical specifications or contacting our team of specialists for detailed assistance.

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