The latest release of the finning machine for tube and heating elements offers a solution to the demand for increased productivity and safe working conditions, thanks to the following characteristics:

  • High-speed CNC winding: increases the productivity compared to traditional winding systems
  • Tube deformation system (optional): the tube end is pressed in the loading area in order to allow the winding of the metal strip around the tube and the offloading of the element without the need to weld the strip to the tube. The welding operation can be done later by the operator out of the machine, while the next element is being finned, thus increasing the productivity
  • Single or multiple finning pitch: without the need for additional tooling, the pitch and the main parameters (such as rotating speed and fin position) can be programmed and recalled through the operator panel.
  • High level of protection and low noise level: the operator can run the machine safely thanks to its protections and to a noise level below 80 dB
  • Format change: position indicators are used to recall the head and roll positions of the new finning machine, thus making the set-up faster and easier
  • Automatic strip de-reeler (optional): to minimize production stoppages

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