Filling machine for monotube tubular heating elements & Specials

In addition to filling machines for tubular heating elements, CSM Machinery manufactures special machines for the filling of special heating elements, such as monotube heating elements.
CSM filling machine for monotube heating elements is a high-speed filler similar to the traditional filling machine, but is designed specifically for filling monotube heating element, i.e. resistors with a closed end and two or more terminal pins on the same open end.

CSM Machinery manufactures monotube filling machines having several advantages:
• High filling speed
New-patented 3-tube system for MgO flow control, which allows for greater filling speeds.
• Uniform Mgo compaction
Electromechanical vibration system, characterized by symmetrical oscillations.
• Easy set-up
Motorised set up when changing the length of the tubes to be filled.
• Ease of use
A simple and intuitive operator interface facilitates operations and allows quick setting and control of the main machine functions.
• Scrap reduction
The machine control through an encoder the position of the vibrator group. When the tubes to be filled reach the lowest position, the carriage is stopped at a certain position.

The machine can also be provided in a "universal" version, for filling open tube at both ends and with two or more coils and with two or more terminal pins at both ends.

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