Filling machine for monotube heating elements

CSM MACHINERY, in addition to filling machines for double-side tubular heating elements, produces state-of-the-art machine for filling special heating elements, i.e. cartridge and monotube ones.

A monotube heating element is composed by two wound wires arranged side by side within a steel tube and isolated with magnesium oxide (MgO). 

The monotube filling machine is designed specifically for the filling of monotube heating elements that are characterized by a closed extremity and an open end in which two or more terminal pins are mounted.


Ret monotubo crop


The advantages of the filling machine for monotube heating elements designed by CSM MACHINERY are:

  • Reduction of production times.
  • Simultaneous filling of all stations.
  • Increased filling speed through the precision and efficiency of automatic filling technology.
  • Improved compaction of magnesium oxide (MgO) by means of electromechanical vibration system. 
  • Scrap reduction thanks to a system which control the MgO flow and stops it when the device is closed. 
  • Ease of use thanks to the installation of a simple and intuitive operator interface.
  • Simultaneous manual loading of all tubes.
  • Motorized set up time when changing the length of the tube to be filled. 
  • Possibility to fill heating elements with two terminals at both ends (like a traditional heating element, but with two coils).
  • Ease of installation for the end customer. 

All the advantages of our monotube filling machine allow to offer more efficient, longer-lasting and cheaper heating elements than those produced by filling machines for double-side heating elements.


Riempitrice monotubo


Technical characteristics

Manual adjustment of top terminal pin extension 25 mm
Diameter of tubes to be filled 10 - 22 mm
Max. length of tubes To be defined (mm)
Min. length of tubes  450 mm
N° of tubes To be defined
Filling speed 400 mm/min.
Vibration intensity (frequency) adjustable from 0 to 60 Hz
Installed electric power 3 KW
Power supply To be defined (V)
Pneumatic supply 6 Ate
Set up time when changing the length of tubes 2 - 4 min.
Set up time when changing the extension of terminal pins 5 - 7 min




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