Technology in the productions of stainless steel tubes machineries

CSM Machinery specializes in designing and fabricating machinery for the production of stainless steel tubes. Formed and welded on tube mills, the stainless steel tube making process lends itself to automation. We are able to offer full stainless steel tube production lines where the parts are formed, welded, cut, straightened, punched, edge folded and heat treated in a seamless process.

The CSM production lines are ideally suited for small diameter tubes (between 6 and 25 mm) with thin walls (0.4 to 1.5 mm) and the mills produce tubes that are characterized by their high quality and durability. These machines can be equipped with single TIG torch welding systems, multi cathode TIG torches or laser welding sources, depending on the desired wall thickness and customer needs.

We also offer tube cutting lines, both from bar or coil, as well as tube straightening and testing.





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