Tube Cutting from Coil

The tube decoiling and straightening line is designed to straighten stainless steel tube and cut it to length with score and break flying cut off, starting from loose coils. The machine is equipped with a calibration unit and a straightening unit with hyperbolic rolls.

Once the line speed, the quantity of pieces and the cut length have been set directly in the operator interface, the machine starts working autonomously.


Cutting from coil


The cutting from coil line is composed of:

  • A double vertical de-reeler (different versions are available depending on customer's needs).
  • A traction system (caterpillar) with two tracks rubber lined which pull the tube away from the de-reeler and push it through the calibration unit. With a modification, both tracks can be motorized.
  • A fast setup calibration system with two calibration heads.
  • A rotating straightener with five pairs of idle hyperbolic rolls.
  • A score and break flying cut off unit which is integrated in a mobile carriage with controlled axis.
  • An electric console through which the operator can program the length of tube to be cut, the number of pieces to be cut and the line speed.

The machine is supplied complete for one diameter of tube and wall thickness. For additional tube diameters, supplemental tools are required.


Technical characteristics

Tube materials (depending on diameters, hardness and wall thickness) Stainless steel, copper, mild steel, aluminium
Tube diameter 6 - 25 mm
Wall thickness  0,4 - 1,2 mm
Max. length of tube To be defined (mm)
Shortest cut length 50 mm
Max. speed of line 0,5 - 25 m/min.
Max. cut rate with saw 12 cuts/min.
Tolerance on cutting length +/-0.2 mm/m
Straightness 1,5 - 3 mm/m 
Height of the tube centre line from floor 1100 mm
Electrical supply 3x400V 50Hz
Installed power 4 kVA
Pneumatic supply 6 bar

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