Automatic cutting for tube in straight lengths

Auto tube cutting machine

Auto tube cutting with auto feed - score and break system

Auto tube cutting line with dual cutting system

Blending quality, high standards and new technologies we deliver excellence in production of automatic cutting machinery for tube in straight lengths.

Our automatic tube cutting machine is the best option for medium-to-large production quantities and ideal for optimizing overall production efficiency in terms of speed and waste.

CSM Machinery offers two types of automatic tube cutting lines, based on the required cutting system and on the level of automation:

Score and break system developed to eliminate the typical problems of the orbital cutting systems, in particular its ability to cut the tube without causing a deformation of the tube in correspondence with the cut edge.
The cut, in fact, is carried out through the combined action of a scoring tooth (realized with three keen tooling) which removes progressively materials along a circular section of the cylindrical wall, reducing only the wall thickness, and of a clamp which breaks the segment of the tube.

Cut with guillotine (hydraulic) with subsequent punching to eliminate the "heart shape" deformation caused by the cutting operation. This punching operation takes place without the need for an operator, as a strip unloads the cut bar in the punching transfer.

Advantages of the automatic cutting line are:
• numerical controlled feeder, for maximum tube length 6000 mm (available in any length) that measures the lengths of each bar before it enters in the cutting unit.
• Program the feeder by setting a number of production batches, each with different cutting measures.
• No operator needed (rackloaders for 50 bars OD 7,5 mm)
• Quality of the cut edge (no deburring)
• Minimum waste pieces (optimization)



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