Dimensional Accuracy Meets Design Flexibility: Shape Your Heating Elements with CSM bending machine

Machine model: numerically controlled universal bending machine with rotating head.
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Customer products: copper or stainless-steel armoured electric heaters for air treatment and the catering industry.


From drawings, CSM MACHINERY offered us a bending machine capable of meeting our needs for customisation, efficiency and productivity.



Helkra has been producing armoured heating elements for over 40 years and has been present in Poland since 2013, with approximately 40 employees.
The company offers customers solutions that are constantly keep up with changes in the market and develops new and innovative products to expand its portfolio and the application necessities of the end customer.
To these specific demands, Helkra responds with flexibility and “tailor-made” projects which reflect the company’s specialisation and the high-quality standards.


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  1. Realize customized projects in response to the customer’s application requirements.
  2. Optimize the production process by deleting the need of several machines.
  3. Produce more efficiently and versatility by increasing the range of products we can offer.
  4. No compromise on quality: precise and uniform bends from the first piece.



To meet the ongoing challenges of the market, Helkra was looking for a partner who could translate graphics drawings into bend heating elements according to the specific sector of application.

The opportunity of an important project prompted the company to optimize its productions process and to look for a machine capable to perform several bending operations with the possibility, in particular, to meet the demands of the coffee machine and air treatment devices sectors.

Until then, Helkra used two separate machines for bending heating elements, one for initial bending and one for finishing. This process required continuous machine set-ups and manual transport of heating elements, significantly increasing production times.

The collaboration with CSM MACHINERY and the choice of the universal bending machine with rotary head proved successful, allowing the production of heating elements with different geometries and tolerances in a single machine.



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Equipped with a quick and easy set-up system with over 10.000 pre-set and memorable bending programs, the CSM MACHINERY bending machine is ideally suited for the realization of “tailored-made projects” and the production of small and medium batches, as required by Helkra’s customer.

The automation of the production process had to continue to guarantee precise and uniform bends, minimizing scraps and defects. For this reason, the reliability and versatility of the bending machine were the main requirements in the choice of the machine.

Today Helkra looks to the future with confidence, sure that it has found in CSM MACHINERY a reliable partner to grow and to expand the heating elements portfolio to offer in new areas of application.

So, the cooperation between Helkra and CSM MACHINERY represents a virtuous example of how technological innovation and quality research can generate winning synergies, creating value for companies and their customers.

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