Minimizing inefficiencies and reducing scraps with CSM MACHINERY

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Machine model: 30-Tube Filling Machine for tube diameter 10,1 to 14mm - two diameters 
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Customer product: Tubular heating elements


Thanks to CSM Machinery we have increase the filling speed without losing quality during the manufacturing process of heating elements. The machine allowed us for greater production guaranteeing a uniform MgO compaction and scrap reduction.



Teknik Isısan is a Turkish enterprise founded in 2004 operating in a plant of 4000 m2 area in Demirtaş Organized Industrial zone (DOSAB) and employs about 70 people.
From 2008, the company has growth constantly building a network across Turkey. Teknink Isisan at the beginning manufactured only thermos elements, but after some machinery and raw material investments they have enlarged their range of resistances produced.
With the experienced matured in the industrial and retail sector and thanks to the good investments in people and equipment, today they are a reference point in Asia providing not only heating elements but also innovative solutions that the industry required.

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  1. Minimizing inefficiencies and reducing scraps
  2. Reliability of the CSM brand
  3. Programmable stations from 1 to 30
  4. Flexibility: fill in two diameters with the same machine



Minimizing inefficiencies and reducing scraps.
At a time when minimizing production inefficiencies while maximizing production quality is every manufacturer's goal, selecting an appropriate filling machine is essential and CSM Machinery represents the perfect partner for our manufacturing needs.
High filling speed, uniform MgO compaction and reduce scraps and machine downtime are some of the goals that we have achieved using CSM Machinery filling machine.

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Programmable and flexible machine
A number of options are available to automate the process and increase the productivity. Our production lines work production lines work 24/7. The machine is prearranged for the use of a pneumatic clamp, which gives the possibility and unload simultaneously up to to load 30 tubes in one go programmable filling machine with the possibility to set the number of tubes to be filled. The setting of the number of tubes to be filled is done by means of electrical switches The filling machines can be designed to fill one diameter, or to fill more than one diameter.
All these features gave us the opportunity to reduce costs, to anticipate the occurrence of unexpected machine stops and to provide continuous development.


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