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Monotube heaters


Machine model: Monotube filling machine
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Customer products: defrost resistors, air dryers and coil heaters, water and oil heaters, cartridges, hot runner heaters, clamp headers, chemical bath heaters.


Choosing CSM Machinery and its cutting-edge monotube filling machine is like securing a partner that speaks the language of versatility and efficiency—our go-to solution for every need



Founded in 1987 in the Çamdibi Industrial Zone (TR), Resa Rezistans has established a reputable presence in the heating elements industry, consistently growing with a forward-looking perspective. The company's goal is to provide the best prices to both domestic and international customers through mass production utilizing state-of-the-art machinery compliant with European standards.

Resa Rezistans company



  1. Providing not only double-ended heating elements but expanding the product range to offer monotube heaters in the market
  2. Having access to a machine with an automated filling system that reduces production times and enhances ease of installation for the end customer.



A monotube heater is manufactured with two precisely wound resistance wires, arranged side-by-side in a round tubular metal sheath and insulated with pure compacted magnesium oxide (MgO).

The main feature of monotube sheathed heating elements is that their connections are both on one side enabling easy, fast application.

Monotube heaters

Resa has shared his markable experience with our monotube machine. The precision and efficiency of the automated filling technology not only significantly reduces production times but also makes the installation process easier for the end customer.

The versatility of the monotube (single side) filling machine has accommodated the production of their diverse heating elements range, enhancing the quality of the overall offer.

The monotube filling machine allows element producers to offer solutions:

  • More efficient
  • Easier to assemble, install and maintain
  • Less expensive compared to cartridge heaters
  • Last longer
  • More compact: compacted MgO insulation transfers heat away from resistance wire to sheath material and media more efficiently resulting in faster heat up


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