12 Feb 2021 - Coil to pin welding - Consistency without the need for highly skilled operators


How to be more consistent in pin to coil welding?

The CSM semi-automatic welding machine eliminates the need for highly skilled operators and guarantees a safe working environment.

According to the required production rates several models of coil - pin welding machine can be proposed.
Let’s take a look to the semi-automatic pin - coil welding machine.




Suitable for medium production series
Semi-automatic welding is typically used when frequent changes in the pin diameter, wire diameter, coil OD and type of plug are required. The semi-automatic version allows flexibility in the format change and limited waste of time.




Flexibility and minimum set up time
Flexibility means reduced set-up time. The setup of the machine takes about 2-3 minutes.


Welding point


Maximum accuracy
Precision is guarantee thanks to the automatic system that allows to weld the pins to the coils always in the same position. This guarantees repeatability of the welding process.


Operator working


Safety and maintenance
The operator is safe. The semi-automatic welding machine allows the operator’s fingers to be far from the welding electrode.


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