10 Nov 2021 - Stretch or roll to length? Get the heating elements the same length

It is well known that the rolled elements have variations in length that can reach even 2% depending on the filling process.
Recovering difference in length allows a correct distribution of the dimensional tolerances in the heating elements and helps the production process.
The most popular solutions for length compensation are stretching machines and roll-to-length.

The roll-to-length is ideal for large volumes and it is placed in-line with the rolling mill. The length of each element is precisely measured as it exits from the roll reducer, and then the elements are elongated in the Roll to Length Machine to the preset length. Elongation is accomplished by additionally reducing the diameter of the elements. This solution is limited to a specific diameter and does not require any heat treatment.

The advantages of the roll-to-length machine are:

  • continuous process for length control eliminates secondary operations
  • it does not require any heat treatment of the heating elements

The stretch-to-length machine can accommodate both large and medium production batches. It is a multi-diameter solution and is designed to process heat treated elements. The stretching machine requires minimum maintenance.

The advantages of the stretching machine are:

  • simple construction
  • possibility of automation even at a later time
  • limited need for maintenance
  • multi diameter
  • pin cropping can be accommodated into the machine

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