11 Nov 2020 - Producing finned heaters with increased productivity and safely

Manufacturers are continually looking for ways to eliminate waste in their manufacturing process, save cost and at the same time guarantee safe working conditions.

The latest release of the finning machine offers a solution to this challenge, thanks to the following characteristics:

- Higher productivity: the high-speed CNC winding and the tube deformation system double the productivity compared to traditional winding systems. In particular the tube end pressing system located in the loading area allows to wind the metal strip around the tube and to offload the element without the need to weld the strip to the tube. The welding operation can be done later by the operator out of the machine, while the next element is being finned

- Flexibility: a single or multiple finning pitch can be programmed and produced without additional tooling, thanks to the use of CNC axis. The operator panel allows to set and recall the main parameters, such as rotating speed, fin pitch and position.

- Safety: the operator can run the machine safely thanks to its protections and to a noise level below 80 dB

- Faster set-up: compared to the previous version, the new finning machine uses position indicators to recall the head and roll positions, thus making the format change faster and easier

- Fewer production stoppages, thanks to the optional automatic strip de-reeler


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