13 Jan 2021 - Bending machine - 4 ideas to improve the efficiency of bending heating elements

Lead with dimensional tolerances right from the first element
All heaters have a number of imperfections or variations (dimensional tolerances, compaction, chemical composition variation, stretch, elasticity etc.) that can affect bend quality. That is why some bends obtained may vastly differ from what is expected in terms of quality, accuracy and repeatability.
Normally a bender operator needs expertise in order to compensate for these variations. At CSM we have incorporated our 40 years of bending know-how in the CNC of our benders. Now you can get perfect results regardless of the operator’s skill.
Simply enter the standard bending data and the machine will automatically generate the part program after searching for prior bending experience in its database to make sure that it is right from the first part. This capability eliminates the need for those manual adjustments which were once indispensable to obtain good finished parts.


Bending 1


The software that makes the difference
The 3D-graphic programming software made by CSM can be used to create and immediately run the machine program simply by entering the geometric data of the heating element.
To facilitate programming even further you can simulate the part to ensure the best result without risk of collisions. Where you want: program in the office or on the machine.


Bending 2


Minimum setup time and repeatable accuracy
The main machine movements are via electric servos. Part bend positions, tooling information, and power parameters are all saved together in the part program. When a job is repeated you simply mount the tools and recall the program. No further mechanical adjustments are needed. This guarantees quick setup and changeover and provides lot to lot repeatability. It also eliminates the need for a bender set up specialist.


bending 3


Low maintenance and high reliability
A simplified design has reduced the need for routine maintenance and provides more consistent bending. The obvious advantage is that the machine is easier to maintain, safer to use and more reliable.


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