16 Feb 2022 - MGO filling machine in heater production - The highest level of performance

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At a time when minimizing production inefficiencies while maximizing production quality is every manufacturer's goal, selecting an appropriate filling machine is essential.

MgO filling machines are designed to fill magnesium oxide powder inside an empty tube for tubular heating elements.

Filling is a central phase in the process production of a heating element. The most important purpose of this part of the process is to ensure the highest heat transmissibility and at the same time the necessary electrical insulation.

Filling 1

CSM Machinery has succeeded in manufacturing a machine capable of satisfying customer requests for maximizing productivity without decreasing the precision tube filling and the uniform compaction of the oxide.

MgO filling for heating elements can fill tubes ranging from 7.5 millimetres up to 19 millimetres with patented system for MgO flow control for greater filling speeds and leak elimination.

Filling 2

In particular, the advantages of the standard filling machine are:

  • High filling speed: thanks to a new-patented 3-tube system for MgO flow control.
  • Uniform Mgo compaction: thanks to electromechanical vibration system, characterized by symmetrical oscillations.
  • Easy set-up: motorised set up when changing the length of the tubes to be filled.
  • Ease of use: a simple and intuitive operator interface facilitates operations and allows quick setting and control of the main machine functions.
  • Automation: several options are available to automate the process and increase the productivity.
  • Scrap reduction: The machine control through an encoder the position of the vibrator group. When the tubes to be filled reach the lowest position, the carriage is stopped at a certain position.

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