24 Mar 2021 – Auto tube cutting - How to reduce scraps and automate process


The automatic tube cutting machine is the best option for medium to large production quantities, ideal for optimizing production efficiency in term of speed and waste.

The numerically controlled feeder measures the length of each bar before it enters in the tube cutting unit.

It is therefore possible to load different off lengths on the feeder and set two or three orders to be produced, thus guaranteeing scrap reduction.



Tube cutting line description




The operations are basically the same whether you cut single pieces, multiple pieces from the same bar or different cut lengths from the same bar because the NC feeder ensures an automatic optimization.




The device cuts the tube without causing a deformation of the cut edge.

This function is fundamental to remove defects from the end of the tube or to cut to measure 6000 mm bars supplied slightly longer.


Tube cutting line displacement


In the automatic tube cutting line the operator has only to set up the machine and place the straight lengths in the tube magazine; its loading, measurement, displacement, optimization of the cut lengths and unloading of the finished parts is automatic.


tube cutting line screen


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