1 Oct 2019 - Our range of machinery for Industry 4.0

The production of CSM Machinery includes top-quality high-tech machinery for Industry 4.0.

CSM Machinery is today capable of offering machinery for Industry 4.0, which perfectly meet the new emerging industrial model. Thanks to specific design and construction characteristics, CSM machines fall perfectly within the specifications set by the category of functional goods controlled by computerised systems based on the new Industry 4.0 model, which defines the recent “industrial revolution” heavily focused on the development and use of digital technology as a new automated, interconnected production system.
The design and construction of machinery for industry 4.0 is once again proof of the high level of innovation, technological expertise and commitment to research and development at CSM Machinery, which has always proven to keep up with the times and meet the specific requirements of the ever-evolving market.



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