23 November 2023 - How can you ensure the reliability of the produced heating elements?

Immagine 2 - Business Case Redic


The customer

Redic produces heating elements for industrial and civilian use, using materials such as steel, carbon, AISI304-316, incoloy, copper. 

For over 50 years, it has aimed to obtain technologically advanced products and is a reference point for its customers in terms of expertise, quality, and competitiveness.


Customer's goal

Flanged heaters, finned heaters, and resistor batteries for industrial use need to be tested to verify proper functionality. Testing is often manual and has a high cost within a production ecosystem.

Redic's objective is to automatically control through testing product safety and ensure the reliability of various types of heating elements without excessively extending production times.



On the way to innovation, control and quality of the electrical resistances, Redic has adopeted the new CSM multi-operation test unit.

CSM MACHINERY has always designed and implemented systems for various types of electrical, safety, and functional tests. The new module can sequentially perform the following main measures:

  • Ohmic value
  • Dielectric strength
  • Insulation resistance
  • Ground conductor efficiency

The tool allows presetting or programming various test cycles, analyzing, and collecting the obtained measurements. This functionality allows Redic to certify the quality of the product to its customers through customized reports that can be printed or digitally sent.

In addition to certifying the proper functioning of resistors for the customer, tests are useful for analyzing and collecting statistics on the electrical functions of the components after undergoing the industrial process. The analyses performed are further support for Redic's continuous commitment to offering always new technological solutions.


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