6 October 2022 - Shape your coiled heater, buy flexibility

Maximizing productivity is no longer enough. To support any competitive advantage, companies must achieve resilience, faster innovation, higher customer satisfaction, more-engaged workforces without incurring into an excessive amount of costs. 

CSM Machinery bending machine for coiled elements is one of the machines that adapts quickly to changes of production and offers real advantages in terms of flexibility, quality and feasibility. 

Oven coiled heating elements

1) Coiled elements for a world of applications
Production flexibility is the peculiarity of the machine. Coiled heaters, surface unit heaters, fan oven heaters and other special circular shapes can be obtained with the coil bender. 

2) Simple and intuitive configuration
This bending machine for coiled heating elements is appreciated for its ergonomic layout and for the simple configuration. Essential and intuitive, this machine contains the entirety of CSM MACHINERY know-how.

Screen bending for coiled elements

3) Programming has never been easier
Quickly and intuitively programming allows operators to manage production also remotely and monitor in real time the efficiency of the machines. 

4) Precision and repeatability
Perfect for productions of average complexity, the CSM MACHINERY bending machine for coiled heating elements guarantees power, high standards of quality and high degree of precision.

Coiled heaters

5) Reliability and set up
The technology used in our bending machines improves machine performance, ensuring rapid set-up and start-up times. Maintenance time is reduced guaranteeing maximum reliability also in the long term.

Production flexibility has important implications for the competitiveness of a company. Coil bending machine has been designed to combine numerical control capabilities with software and tools to provide extended variety of circular elements. Are you producing coiled heating elements? Buy flexibility, choose CSM MACHINERY.

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