22 June 2022 - The ideal choice for diameter reduction of heating elements

One of the crucial aspects in the production of a heating element is the reduction of the diameter of tubular heating elements in order to obtain the straightness and MgO compaction desired by the manufacturer.
Aware of the importance of this operation, CSM MACHINERY has designed a rolling mill to allow for uniform elongation and compaction of the magnesium oxide inside the tube.

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What are the main components of a diameter rolling mill?

  • Head (V insert) with motorised unit for the extraction of the rolled elements
  • Machine stand with motors, gearboxes and electrical system
  • Reducing rolls available in tool steel and tungsten sintered carbide.

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Why should you choose a CSM reducing mill?

  • Quick change between tube sizes thanks to the exchangeable bearing box. The single unit bearing box assembly can easily be removed from the driving system by releasing the universal joints and four screws.
  • Long life rolls. Sintered carbide rolls offer up to 4 times longer service than steel rolls.
  • Sturdy mechanical structure. Smooth, continuous and one-step reduction
  • Silent operation
  • High Quality. The CSM rolling mill guarantees straighter elements and accurate and consistent diameters

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The advanced technical features and the many options available, including the lubrication system, the axial marking and the device for collecting and unloading the heating elements represent an advantage for the organization of your production and make this machine one of the best in the industry.

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