CSM Machinery is unique among stainless steel tube manufacturers for our long-standing experience within industrial automation.

We specialize in the design and fabrication of heating element production machinery and offer customized technical solutions for each cycle in this field. These include tube making and cutting, coil preparation, welding to terminal pins, filling and reducing tube, annealing (black and bright), length compensation, bending, pressing, faston spot welding and final tests, among other aspects in tube machinery production.

In our daily operation, CSM Machinery acts as a partner alongside our customers. This close relationship with clients allows for us to excel in designing and producing a range of tailor-made solutions, which will satisfy every detailed need in the production process.

Some of our many strong points: consistent high-quality materials, attention to detail, punctual delivery, and a complete pre- and post-sales service experience. Furthermore, the CSM Machinery team, which consists of expert technicians, is always available to help identify the best products for specific uses and to assist clients during the operation phase.

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