Plug to pin assembly

The plug to pin assembly machine has been designed by CSM Machinery for the assembly of plastic plugs to the bottom terminal pins and it is suitable to enhance the production process in line with modern production needs.

The automatic machine to assemble the plastic plugs on the bottom terminal pins is ideal if the welding between the coil and the pin is done manually.


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This machine is composed of three units:

  • The automatic vibrating feeder complete with specific bowl for each type of plastic plug and a guide (track) to carry the plug to the assembly position.
  • The automatic feeder of bottom terminal pins.
  • The electropneumatic device for the plug-pin assembly and automatic unloading.

Since the automatization of the machine, the operator, after starting the machine, is required only to reload load the feeders or eventually to clear up a jammed plug.

Moreover, according to customer needs the operator can modify the position of the plug on the terminal pin, can replace the plug dimension and can change the pin length.


Technical characteristics

Plastic plug To be defined (dwg)
Diameter of terminal pins To be defined (mm)
Max. length of terminal pins 400 mm
Power supply To be defined (V)
Pneumatic supply 6 Ate

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