Technologies: Components - Refrigeration

CSM Machinery produce heating elements and tubes for refrigeration of food liquid for over 30 years. The continuous confrontation with the problems, arising in different stages of the production of stainless steel tubes, process together with trying new solutions, have allowed CSM Machinery to recognize the needs of the refrigeration industry and to customize each specific requirement.

Our Company, an international market leader in terms of quality, innovation and long-term reliability, base our success on our ability to innovate, also in the production of tubes for refrigeration of food liquid. The main principles in tubes production have been applied to the production technology of components for the refrigeration industry. In addition Csm Machinery provides technical assistance for the study and realization of the most appropriate personalized solutions for stainless steel components like tubes for refrigeration of food liquids.

CSM Machinery proposes also systems as diversified as to produce serpentines for evaporators and heater exchangers.

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