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Machine model: Heating elements production facility
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Customer product: tubular heating elements

“Thanks to CSM Machinery we have invest in a large machinery pool that allowed us to penetrate the tubular heating element market and be acknowledge all over the world.”



Calorflex is an Italian production facility that sell and export their products in most European countries, in Middle East, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa.
They manufacture a wide range of electrical resistors including heating cables, tubular and finned resistors, cartridge resistors, flexible planar etched foil resistors, strip resistors, pipe and aluminium sheet resistors, and compressor resistors.
Calorflex generated a turnover of approximately $6.83 million, employs 55 people and produces around 20 million pieces per year.

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  1. Find a partner with technical knowledge in producing tubular heating elements
  2. Constant assistance and geographical proximity



Technical knowledge and skills
When we have decided about 15 years ago to manufacture heating elements, we needed a partner helping us to know the technical process and on building an advance machinery pool.
We have chosen CSM Machinery for its reputation and reliability and the results obtained were beyond our expectations. CSM Machinery offers us an excellent and durable cooperation thanks to their long experience in manufacturing machinery for tubular heating elements and significant expertise in all the stages of the production process.


Service, assistance, and geographical proximity
CSM Machinery allowed us to have quick, efficient, and technical support and at the same time to maintain attention on our customer’s needs.
It was important for us to have a partner to contact constantly in particular at the beginning of our project. CSM assists us in solving technical problems, also remotely and gave us the opportunity of learning skills and abilities to perform well in the tubular heating element market.
Also, the geographical proximity of our facilities helped us to reduce lead times, to overcome cultural and linguistic differences and to manage the project and be update constantly on the progress.


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